Gilded Lily Treasures
Handcrafted Treasures from the Hive
Soap, Lotion, and More....


It all started with a decision to try honey for allergies. Finding it hard to find raw local honey, David decided to get into beekeeping, much to my surprise. I attended a Bee conference with him, where they had a demonstration of honey oatmeal crock pot soap. On the way home I told him I was going to learn to make soap. I began to read everything I could on Hot Process and Cold Process Soap making. After making my first batch of soap, and giving it to family and friends, I soon had request for more, as well as request for different types and scents of soap. Before long our back room was full of soap. Thus Gilded Lily Treasures was born.

We are a small company that focuses on handcrafted soaps and other personal care products.

We offer soaps made the old fashioned way with updated ingredients. Using basic, all natural ingredients such as oatmeal, honey, herbs, beeswax and an array of food grade oils. Every bar has something from the hive either beeswax, honey or both. The soaps are scented with Essential oils and good quality fragrance oils. We prefer to use natural colorants. Each product is made personally by us from start to finish. We self-test all products before we sell them. Each variety of soap is produced in small batches of 18 to 20 bars. The freshly made soap is hand cut into bars and allowed to cure for 6 weeks. Because the soap is hand cut no two bars will be exactly alike.

We aim to provide customers with natural bath and body care products of the finest quality, at affordable prices.

The natural body care industry has become broadly recognized in the last few years, as people become more aware of the dangers of applying chemicals used in commercial skincare to the outside of their bodies. Quality handcrafted products offer wonderful and effective alternatives.

If you care for your hand crafted soap properly it will give you more time to enjoy all the wonderful goodness of our bars! Please do not allow it to sit in a water logged soap dish or where the shower spray will hit it.

Our product line includes handcrafted soaps, solid bar lotions, body butters, lip balms...

Solid bar Lotion work with body heat.

With hand crafted lotions you will find that less is more! Compared to "store bought" varieties, you need much less product. Use sparingly until you figure out how much is right for you.